December 21, 2006

From HP'ers in France - Housing Minister Jean-Louis Borloo says "La baisse des prix s'accélère" (The fall of prices accellerates)

Sacre Bleu!!!


Anonymous said...

Sacre Bleu indeed.

Anonymous said...

Je suis 'Le Fromage'!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

C'est un nouveau paradigme, et tout le monde qui n'achète pas, maintenant, aura le prix indiqué dehors pour toujours. Quiconque qui achète sera récompensé avec une vie de richesse, car leur propriété continuera sa augmentation 30% annuelle des prix.

Les locataires, et quiconque soutenu dans une future génération, ne pourront pas avoir les moyens une maison $10.000.000 en 15 ans. Ils habiteront dans des villes de tente, et Hondas.

Cette bulle de capitaux est différente que tous les autres - elle ne ralentira jamais, ou sauter. Les gains sont permanents.

Anonymous said...

Crash is Frogland!

Anonymous said...

Whos' in the picture, Inspector Clouseau? Jacques Cousteau? Is the value of the Calypso tanking????

Dive, dive, dive!

sk said...

re: anon 6:15

Thanks for giving me the opportunity for revisiting an ancient(c1989) expertise of mine - automatic language translation.

Here is the Google language tools translation of your original French text:

"It is a new paradigm, and everyone which does not buy, now, will have the price indicated outside for always. Whoever which buys will be rewarded with a life for richness, because their property will continue his annual increase 30% of the prices. Tenants, and whoever constant in a future generation, will not be able to have the means a house $10.000.000 in 15 years. They will live in towns of tent, and Hondas. This bubble of capital is different that all the others - it will never slow down, or to jump. The profits are permanent.
Not bad, not bad at all !
For nerds who take amusement in this type of stuff, its quite interesting to get google to repeatedly do French->English->French-> translations, say 50 times.

The results are hilarious -the nerdy equivalent of the JackAss skits.


Ozzie Tim said...


Ozzie Tim here.

I'm chuckin a sickie today so I'll ring in. Looks like the Frogs had a few too many cleanskins (plonks, likely) and got the wobbly boot on prices. Next up liquid laugh time for the lokes chasing property who had kangaroos loose in the top paddock. Likely some were in on a lurk to boot.

Propbably the lot thought they were all tall poppies and good oil!

Well, I say rack off to the whole lot and hope they get what they deserve.

Hooroo. Ozzie Tim

Anonymous said...

Borloo is the minister in charge of housing in the French government. The lack of affordable housing in France has always (or at least often) been a problem.
Borloo's talk of falling prices is entirely self-serving. Making housing affordable again (if it ever was) is his job. Like many others before him he's promising a drop in prices which would make SFHs affordable. And like before, it's probably just wishful thinking on his part.