November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving HP'ers

In England of course, today is simply called "Thursday".

And let's remember that today we celebrate the Pilgrims, who eventually declared eminent domain and stole the land from the "heathen natives" in order for future generations to build stucco homes on it with toxic loans, and Indian casinos of course.


Anonymous said...

Yep, we stole the Native American's land, stuck them on reservations, got them addicted to alcohol and tobbacco, and thought we had won.

But the Native Americans are having the last laugh as they are now preying upon our addiction to gambling.

Ya gotta love the karma of it...

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

You are more of a cynic than my son, icyfishies.
Happy Turkey Day.

Anonymous said...

keith, you should have asked in your thread; what have we done in our lives that we should be thankful about.

starting with me; i'm thankful that i did not get myself into the housing mania, incurred excessive debt and still live in a modest house (pre-bubble) and have time for my family.

borkafatty said...

happy thanks giving pass me a beer, and a chaser.

sk said...

I'm thankful that a slot opened up in the schedule on Tuesday so was able to rent the plane, flew the requisite solo ( 3 landings ) and now have official certification to kill myself - oops, I mean fly locally. Wednesday was so windy that if I hadn't done it on Tue. I'd still be waiting.


Anonymous said...

survival of the fittest! when will you whiners accept that?

the most powerful and intelligent human beings win. would you really want it any other way?

would mankind be better off if the stupid and the weak advanced?

screw pc and get real!

Mark in San Diego said...

I guess I should head out to an Indian casino this afternoon here in SD (there are about 10 within an hours drive) and give thanks to the Indians who fed the original colonists. . .hey - just had a great thought - maybe the Indians could buy all those Lennar homes out in Temecula (the poster boy for stucco house town here in SoCal) and house all the tribe!. . .probably could get 1/2 price off from Lennar.

Anonymous said...

Never mind, Keith, you get Guy Fawkes Night next week ;-)

SK said...

Guy Fawkes Night next week ?????

"Remember remember the 5th of November"

Incidently, V for Vendetta, a modern day fable about blowing up the British Parliament aka the Gun Powder Plot that the original "Penny for the Guy" plotted is a great movie. Here is a review:

As a history lesson, the Gun Powder plot may well have been agent provocateur instigation. But the data is murky.


Anonymous said...

keith, wake the F up... how did you miss this story about your beloved condo project ELEVATION in that hole also known as Chandler, az

Anonymous said...

No, my dutch ancenstors sold crap to indians for new amsterdam ( now ny city ) Fair and square....

Meanwhile, Mexicans are working on construction today in my neighborhood.

Mammoth said...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Now log out, turn off your computer so that you can go spend some quality time with your families, and tend to that turkey in the oven before it burns.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, November 23, 2006 4:02:41 PM

survival of the fittest! when will you whiners accept that?

the most powerful and intelligent human beings win. would you really want it any other way?

would mankind be better off if the stupid and the weak advanced?

screw pc and get real!

I guess that would mean you would be one of those that went to the waste side. That was one of the most ignorant posts I've ever read. I guess if some "terrrrrorisssts" were to get their hands on some nasty stuff and laid waste to this land and its' inhabitants, then that's okay, and we should get real. Dude, do you own a condo? You sure sound like someone who does.

keith said...

I was going to post about elevation going to bankruptcy auction but then figured there's tons of these stories out there now.. investors, high rise condos, ponzi scheme, phoenix, fraud, theft, liens, you get the picture

happy thanksgiving america

amphius said...
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amphius said...

Yep it's Thusday here in England, but I'm still thankful I've paid off my mortgage and am debt free.

Richard said...

"Noble Savages" Keith - That is what white man called the native - made it easier to slaughter them because we made them less than human.

Kind of like "enemy combatant" as defined in the MCA.

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

It's not like the natives were doing anything with that land. I mean, their technological level was close to zero, they hadn't mastered intercontinental sailing. They were just sitting there, living the way their ancestors had lived for thousands of years.

Eventually they came into contact with a technologically advanced civilization that took over. Nothing amazing here. History is full of such tales. As for the bloodshed that came with it, it is regrettable, but it is human nature. Whoever believes things could've been different (or wil be different next time) is a fool.

Anonymous said...

You're the fool. I guess if Al Queda determines that we're uncivilized by THEIR standards and if they believe that we're just wasting air, land, water, etc. then by your reasoning if they come up with a superior weapon (bio-type) then its okay for them to annihilate us. Are you sure you don't a condo?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:21:04 PM, nobody "decides" that their civilization is better than another. The fact is, when two societies have to share a given space eventually one comes out on top. Peaceful coexistence never works long term.

Regarding the conflict between the western world and islamic terrorists, it has everything to do with control of territories and spheres of influence. Al-Quaeda's original grudge with the US had to do with the presence of our troops in saoudi Arabia following the first Gulf War; prior to that we were getting along just fine and even working together to fry some russian butt.

In that conflict we have the upper hand as far as being technologically advanced but demographics and our own complacency might eventually work out in their favor. Europe is already half gone and eventually it will be up to the US alone to determine the outcome. Nothing's certain. Even the Roman empire fell eventually.

Laughing Bear said...

This holiday reminds me how much better off the world would be today if the Brits had been able to defeat the terrorist scum George Washington and his terrorist army. I also wish the Indians at plymouth rock would have murdered everyone of pilgrims when they had the chance, except for the hotties who would become sex slaves.

Line Properties LLC said...

To Whom it may concern...

Human history has been about the conquest for territory -- ever since caveman days. It's part of human nature, accept it. The Europeans overtook this land in spite of the Indians' best efforts to combat them. Now we are witnessing a new era of history in which, for the first time, a nation (USA) is NOT defending itself against a foreign onslaught. Our culture *is* being displaced by 3rd World forces ("Camp of the Saints," anyone?) and yet we say, "that's alright, there are enough McMansions to go around."


Anonymous said...

Smallpox killed 90% of the native americans. Black Plague killed 50% of europeans.

Turkeys are worried about bird flu.

Anonymous said...

the Pilgrims, who eventually declared eminent domain and stole the land from the "heathen natives"

Are you trying to show off your mainstream ignorance again Keith?

You and Honica should go check out Mel Gibson's new movie and see how the innocent injuns were living before the evil white man got here and started holding them down. How's life over there, had any good sushi lately?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a fact that the Native Americans never invented the wheel on their own; that it was introduced to them by the Europeans?

Veronica Lodge said...

"...the Native Americans are having the last laugh as they are now preying upon our addiction to gambling."

Don't forget TOBACCO, which accounts for 430,000 deaths to smokers as well as another 50,000 deaths to non-smokers -- and that's just in the good old USA.

Tobacco deaths outnumber all of the following, combined:

Alcohol-induced deaths
Assault (homicide)
Drug-induced deaths
Human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) disease
Injury by firearms
Motor Vehicle Accidents

The American Indian's tobacco weed has also taken its revege on every other country that sent its explorers to the New World.