October 23, 2006

It's two weeks until a major US election. You know what that means!


the holistic hebrew said...

Your absolutly right Keith, we could see another israeli mossad false flag terror attack carried out against us, like the Lavon affair, U.S.S. Liberty or even 9/11. Don't forget their official motto: By way of deception, we shall make war.

Richard said...


USS Enterprise - as it is leaving the persian gulf - "Oh my ...them bad terrorist shot our guys in the back"

LA Port - dirty bomb

Temple Mount -

Anonymous said...

dows up no gloom and doom. lots of jobs.

Anonymous said...

You'll be in the uk, unable to vote, complaning about who we voted for.

Anonymous said...

It means it is almost time to go trick or treating.

shiller said...

DOW 12,100

Anonymous said...

Cheap gas.

borkafatty said...

LA Port - dirty bomb


I just went to the mens room, came out, and they evacuated the entire building, they said someone had set off a dirty bomb in one of the mens room stalls...
I was standing there and everyone was looking at me???

You think It was the toilet paper hanging out the back of my ass that gave it away??

Anonymous said...

cheap gas + dow 12000, baby!

Richard said...

Now they are telling us that the post 9/11 anthrax attack did not use US designed weaponized grade anthrax after all..... And meanswhile mandatory anthrax vaccines for soldiers has been restarted - one could work up a theory about this and the months October and November 2006 -

http://www.medicaln ewstoday. com/medicalnews. php?newsid= 54293

Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs William
Winkenwerder, M.D. reportedly will announce later today that U.S.
soldiers will once again be forced under threat of court martial to be
injected with anthrax vaccine without their voluntary, informed consent.

http://www.baltimor esun.com/ news/nationworld /bal-te.anthrax1 5oct15,1, 2078007,print. story?coll= bal-nationworld- headlines& ctrack=1& cset=true

The FBI initially focused on scientists who worked within U.S.
biodefense programs with access to government strains of Ames anthrax
and sophisticated labs.

It now appears the person or group behind the attacks didn't require
highly specialized scientific training to manufacture the anthrax,
potentially opening up a much larger pool of suspects. Some experts
previously characterized the anthrax as "weaponized" to make its
spores smaller, lighter and more deadly.

An FBI scientist, Douglas Beecher, recently published an article in
Applied and Environmental Microbiology saying the spores didn't get
special coatings to make the anthrax disperse more effectively.

"A widely circulated misconception is that the spores were produced
using additives and sophisticated engineering supposedly akin to
military weapon production," Beecher wrote in the journal's August issue

devestment said...

Low gas.

Strong consumer spending.

Interest rate unchanged.

Terror alert HIGH.

An inane news story to divert our attention.

Osceola said...

watch freedom to fascism on google video now-full lenght feature movie by aaron russo on the FED and tax law and implanted chips.

Richard said...

Vote Neo-Fascist Or The Islamo-Fascists Will Kill You
Are these really the stakes or does this crap just not work anymore?

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | October 23 2006

A new GOP ad threatens Americans with nuclear annihilation and terrorist attacks unless they vote Republican on November 7. The Bush junta hopes the public will buy the phony choice and opt for Neo-Fascism over Islamo-Fascism - but all indicators show this brutish propaganda simply doesn't work anymore.

the holistic hebrew said...

Neo fascist = jewish supremacist

Anonymous said...

That my GOP "Duct Tape & Plastic" Dream House is LOSING more of it's Value ?

Markus Arelius said...

Just like the settings on my toaster at home....

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, the Komish of Demolitions in NY had to cancel vacations for his workers so they could check all those C4 charges ahead of the election. When Dick gives the word, they have to be ready to "bring 'em down" within seconds of the scheduled time. His counterparts in Chicago, Miami, LA, and Seattle all report similar overtime work as they get ready to do their part in supporting the great Haliburton/Mossad conspiracy.

In other news, Keith Olberman reports that he knows of several wide-body airliners being loaded with mannequins and equipment for remote-controlled flight. One even had missile launchers fitted under its wings for Russian-made ASMs.

panicearly said...

if you stole the 2000 and 2004 elections, then why leave anything to chance, especially nov.2006.

this is critical, something is going to give.

jack mehoff said...

It means I will finally be able to sit back and blame the dems for everything. I can't wait. A camel farts in the Sudan, it's Barbara Pelosi's fault. It's time to pop some corn and sit back for two years and enjoy the show. In '08 the Republicans will sweep back into power due to Pelosi fatigue.

honica jewinski said...

Lol, I wish they had done something that stupid.

InfidelSix said...


You do realize Kerry lost by 3 million votes last time, don't you?

You're sounding very pathetic and Sore-Loserman(ish).

BTW, Vote Lieberman!

Anonymous said...

In other news, Keith Olberman reports that he knows of several wide-body airliners being loaded with mannequins and equipment for remote-controlled flight. One even had missile launchers fitted under its wings for Russian-made ASMs.
Keith Olberman? Wow! MSNBC is pretty mainstream to be reporting stuff like this. I'm surprised he was allowed to say anything.

Anonymous said...

KEITH! You gotta post this YouTube link...


BubbleShanker said...

Better red than dead, Nancy Pelosi as speaker: tax raising, gay marriage, weak on terrorism.

No thanks!

honica jewinski said...

I thought Pelosi was tough on tourism?

beebs said...

We'll be at War with Iran by election day.

tabasco jenkins said...


For the umpteenth time, "Sore-Loserman" went out of style 6 years ago. Please try to join the present day.

Anonymous said...

missing soldier in Bagdad, is this the "false flag" to spark the next event?

foxwoodlief said...

Get a grip. Has HP turned into a site for Drama queens? Terrorists watch our election process more than Americans and they won't do anything to help George W. They want weak-kneed cut and run Democrats in power, a party more divided than Iraq. They won't do anything until they see the outcome of this election and won't play the red-threat card until it suits THEIR agenda.

Anonymous said...

Vote libertarian!

honica jewinski said...

Yeah, them tourists sure are a wiley bunch. They know them, weak kneed democrats have completely broken free of the jew death grip.

Anonymous said...


"Terrorists watch our election process more than Americans"

Yeah, because we let them get away when we half-assed it in Afghanistan. Good point.

Chip said...

Thought I might be a lone voice on this, but I see one anonymous above who agrees: vote Libertarian. More specifically, since there are not that many Libertarian Party candidates running, vote against every incumbent on the ballot and if there is no incumbent and you can write-in, write "Against All."

Only by increasingly voting incumbents out of office is there any chance of seriously curbing government spending and, more important, beginning to restore our lost freedoms.

InfidelSix said...


What can I say? If the shoe fits ...

If some people want to continue to cry about a six yr old election, I'm going to have to point it out. Every. Single. Time.

Awaiting Bubble rubble said...


Anonymous said...

foxwoodlief: "They (the terrorists)want weak-kneed cut and run Democrats in power"

This documentary makes a strong case that radical islam was in decline until the neocons put them back on the map. If so, GWB is exactly who they owe for their success. Why, then, would they want anybody else in power? http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=Power+of+Nightmares&hl=en

borkafatty said...



Must be free Jello shot day at the local Watering Hole..

Anyway :)>

Republican, Democrat, right, left, is there really a difference folks? A criminal who robs banks, and then the next day decides to rob supermarkets is still a criminal. They are all in each others pockets, there is no vote.

Ill vote for the guy who robs banks.

Ill vote for the guy who robs supermarkets.

And the difference is???

Richard said...

I am getting that feeling again - ONE BIG FREAK'n conspiracy!!

The game is rigged.

Notice all the Bush bashing lately - like our vote really counts in this "democratic" country.

Stole 2000 - 2004 ...2006...then Arnie in (Bohemian Grove) or Kerry (another skull and bones member)

Yeah yeah - I know Arnie can't run...and HC is alive and well too.

Really bad feel'n bout all this.

tabasco jenkins said...


If the shoe fits? Would you ever have the intellectual capacity to comment on something without referencing a lame retread of 90's Limbaugh speak? Please, say something that is relevant to the year 2006. Your entire life philosophy is grounded upon empty vitriol you learned 10 years ago that was based on shock jocks who were catering to the lowest common denominator: you. In the meantime, all of the people you fawningly fell in line behind turned out to be incompetent morons and you've been left with nothing new to spew except recycled out of date anti-Clinton/Gore/Lieberman nonsense that is as relavant as a transistor radio. You are the very definition of the word pathetic. Please, try some introspection and critical thinking for once and realize that you've become a complete and utter boob. Then make a change. Or at least, stop wasting space with your out of touch catch phrases.

InfidelSix said...

tabasco jenkins said...


If the shoe fits? Would you ever have the intellectual capacity to comment on something without referencing a lame retread of 90's Limbaugh speak? Please, say something that is relevant to the year 2006.


Typical Liberal. Not enough brains to grasp the point and has no point himself except personal attacks. Way to go doorknob.

I'm not the one who brought up the 2000 (and 2004) elections (and AL Gore's failed attempt to steal it). What is it that you don't understand about that? It's the hard-core sour liberals out that can't seem to drop it. If it was never brought up, we'd wouldn't be having this little chat, would we? But no, you're trying to pressure ME to not dredge up the subject that someone else brought up? So, who's the one lacking logic here? You can't seem to follow along and still have the nerve to question MY critical thinking. That's laughable and so are you. The fact is A LOT of liberals ARE still sore over their loss and are such poor losers that they'll do anything to sabotage their ooponents out of spite, even if that means giving comfort and aid to the enemy. I remember hearing a Dem pundit asked in an interview at the beginning of Afghanistan "You don't actually want the U.S. to do badly do you?" Her response "Well, we don't want Bush to win." This was on primetime television. F*cking traitorous. That's who your leftist Godhead is.

I actually serve my country. I put my money where my mouth is and sacrifice for the values I believe in. I spent a year sleeping on a cot in a tent in Iraq where it got to 130 degreees in the summer. You don't want to know how hot is was inside. We got mortared every freaking day. What do you do? People like you aren't actually willing to make any sacrifices themselves. They only want to bitch about gas going up $1, some other petty inconvenience, or what someone else drives.

I will NOT ALLOW YOU to tell me what to do. YOU DO NOT GET TO dictate what I can or can't comment on. I've actually fought for the freedoms WE ALL enjoy, so don't try to me anything twit. You're just a little internet mosquito, annoying at best. It's called Freedom baby ... and you're a d!ckwad. You don't know me. If you're so full of superior "enlightened" (LOL) intellect, then why can't you make and support any salient points?

I will debate issues but I will not be cow-towed by your Air-America inspired tirades. Clear enough?

InfidelSix said...

The GOP Will Hang On


Anonymous said...

Yeah Infidelsix, my uncle served in Nam and he's the opposite of you. He was a Huey pilot and continued to fly after the war and didn't become a drunken VFWer like Daniel DaFoe in 'Born on the Fourth of July'.

He's convinced that America had lost its republic(an) innocence of the postWWI era and is little more than a bastion for the corporate robber baron with imperial ambitions. He's more than angry at all the friends he'd lost for a war that could have been stopped if the US did something other than propping up a blatantly obvious scoundrel like the Diem regime in South Vietnam back in '64. Hence, the domino effect was a myth which was the whole justification for that particular conflict. And yes, General Suharto of Indonesia was not a great hero against communism as portrayed by Time magazine and others back then. Wake up and smell the shit. You're a pawn just like him.

honica jewinski said...

Good post anon 6:43:17,

And I'll add to it. Infidel, I know you joined the armed forces with the idea of serving your country, and that is admirable. What you do not realise however, is that our armed forces today are nothing more than mercenaries for the jew. You and your brothers have been duped into fighting wars for israel, what's worse, is that you have not upheld your oath to protect us from the enemies from within (you SHOULD be able to clearly see these by now). The military is also supposed to protect each state from invasion, and is completely delelict in that duty as well. Our armed forces need to be brought back to the mainland, they need to throw out all criminal invaders, make the entire mexican/american border into a mine field, arrest 99% of the fed gov for high treason and swiftly execute them after finding them guilty, and in general, get this once great nation back into the kind of shape it was in during its peak.

tabasco jenkins said...


I'm glad you served our country. Do you have any idea why you were sent over there in that 130 degree heat? Seriously, why?

Couldn't be that, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11

Couldn't be that either, they didn't have any, and hadn't tried to make/build any since 1991.

To Fight Terrorists?
Couldn't be that because the only terrorists in Iraq before the war were in a training camp in the Kurdish no-fly zone area, where the US had more power than the Iraqi government.

To Promote Democracy?
Couldn't be that either, as Democracy is supposed to be a system decided on by the citizens, not forced by a foreign country with a different agenda.

So, just why were you over there?

honica jewinski said...

Holy sh!+ tabasco....... You can see the truth?

tabasco jenkins said...

The answer, Infidelsix, is that you were sent to Iraq because the current President, VP, Sec of Defense, Senate Majority Leader, and Speaker of the House are all incompetent morons whom you helped to power by becoming one of the mindless buffoons who believed every word out of that drug addicted hypocrite Limbaugh's mouth and every story posted on that gay hypocrite Drudge's web site. Because of that, you ended up stuck in 130 degree heat getting shelled by ungrateful "liberated" natives. So, stop spouting off your anti-Clinton/Gore/Lieberman platitudes. You have only yourself and the idiots you support to blame.

tabasco jenkins said...

honica jewinski,

For the record, unlike you, I do not think the reason why soldiers like Infidelsix were sent to Iraq is due to a Jewish plot.

The only reason that makes sense to me is that our current leaders rightly construed that one of the major reasons why the US became a target of terrorists was our unflinching support for Saudi Arabia, while the whole time Saudi Arabia was also busy funding madrasses (terrorist pre-schools), and we couldn't do anything to stop our support of them because they had the US blackmailed by their control over the Middle Eastern oil spigot. So, they decided that if we could topple Saddam and start importing oil from a friendly Iraqi government, we could shake off the oil blackmailing from Saudi Arabia and start leaning on Saudi Arabia to stop their two faced tactics of both inflaming middle eastern terrorists as well as training and funding them.

That is the only reason that makes even a shred of sense. However, as borne out by events on the ground, it was an incredibly naive and stupid idea, and has only made things worse.

honica jewinski said...

Tabasco, you sound like a man in need of a "scapegoat".

tabasco jenkins said...

"Tabasco, you sound like a man in need of a "scapegoat"."

ha, ha! Nice try. No thanks, though. The world is way too complex for that.

InfidelSix said...

Islamfacism comes from two things IMO, and let me define that first. A religion-based campaign of subjugation and intolerant with the ultimate goal of world-wide domination through the establishment of the Calpihate through any means. These means include, terrorism, culture-war, taqqiya, etc.

Now the two things it comes from: Religious fanaticism and a vast campaign of brainwashing. It doesn't come from poverty, as some would have you believe, and it doesn't come from our foreign policy. You may wish to debate that and I would welcome it.

There is only one antidote: Liberal democracies. The only way Islam can reform, and that's the key: REFORM, is by itself through an inward movement of popular contempt.
The people will decide what is accpetable or not in a liberal democracy, not the clerics.

Iraq was just a logical place to start. Hussein was clearly a villian and in breach of 17 U.N. violations spanning a decade.

The jihadist movement has been growing since long before W came into office. It was only a matter of time b/f it reached our shores. It just happened to be on his watch. Regardless, this is the fight of our lifetime. Islamofascism IS evil. The jihadist movement IS a threat to freedom the world over. But don't take my word for it, their goals are plainly stated from their own mouths.

I just wish we had a two-party system where both parties recognized the threat and were willing to fight to save everything we have that our forefathers died for during the last 200 years. I see far too much hamstringing, sabotage, and backstabbing for personal political power. And unfortunately most people who live in this country haven't been to enough 3rd-world sh!th0les to escape their Disneyland mall fantasy vision of life and understand exactly how good we have it.

Hebe, when "the Jews" sent me to Bosnia to protect the muslims, they sure were showing class with that "love-thy-neighbor" generousity. I think you spent to much time in the madrass.

InfidelSix said...

Educate yourself


honica jewinski said...

Tabasco, The "terrorists" told us why they target us, and they said nothing about Saudi Arabia. They did say that we have been giving billions and billions of our tax dollars to that terrorist state of israel though. And in addition to the billions and billions of $'s in annual aid, we were also giving them billions and billions in military aid. With all of this help, the jewish extremists over in israel have been holocausting their brothers and sisters. They're just getting tired of seeing "made in the usa" on all the bombs that slaughter there families, and even more tired of seeing israeli snipers put 5.56mm holes in there school childrens heads.
By the way, did you know that a few of the neocons (jews) in our government today, wrote a letter to Benjamin Netenyajew, way back before they were in office titled securing the realm. That letter described eliminating all potential threats to total israeli dominance (genocide of native population) in the region. Iraq was the first Nation to be targeted, neat coincidence huh?

honica jewinski said...

israel is in breach of some 58 U.N. resolutions

InfidelSix said...

I'm pro-Lieberman. He's a conservative Democrat. He's got brains.

Funny thing is you probably listen to more Limbaugh and Drudge than I do. Try Larry Elder and Dennis Prager. Try Dennis Miller for that matter.

You're a dhimmi with your head in the sand. ... either that or a real Sore-Loserman. ;-)

InfidelSix said...

It's all about hatin' Jews, ain't it.

Git yer hate on, boy!

InfidelSix said...

Ya know, if Hitler (yer Hee-row, Jethro) would've been smarter, Berlin would now be the entertainment capitol of the world?

honica jewinski said...

Lol, well he really can't compare to Bush now can he.

tabasco jenkins said...


Islamofascism is a marketing term used by right wing partisans who have no idea what they are taling about. They are just trying to convince stupid people to continue to support the morons they've been supporting. The middle eastern countries are all ruled by very different entities: a monarchies in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, theocracies in Iran and Afghanistan, secular dictatorships in Syria, Pakistan and Iraq. Lumping all of those different situations together under a meaningless term like islamofascism is just spin that you've swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

This grand "jihadist" movement you claim is a world shaker is 1/100th the size of the Taliban (who are theocratic political party men with little interest in world affairs beyond ruling Afghanistan via their granted extremely messed up Islamic doctrine) or the organized militias and tribal factions fighting in Iraq (who are fighting for power within their own territories with little regard to any global jihad). How many "jihadists" have actually fought in their movement over the last 5 years via jihadist terrorist attacks? Perhaps 1000. How many Taliban and Iraqi tribal fighters have fought? The number is easily in the hundreds of thousands. This global jihad you are talking about is a mostly fringe group used to scare people more than anything. They have created unbelievable havoc at times, see 9/11 of course, but they are by no means a threat to the world we know it on any organized political terms that could constitute being named a fascist movement. They should be hunted down and brought to justice like the criminals they are and the madrasses and institutions like the Taliban government that incubate their fringe movement should be shut down and their funding should be cut off. We were well on the way to accomplishing that when our dumb President pulled a left turn at Kabul and ended up starting a stupid war in Iraq, a move that could only hinder the actual War on Terror that was being fought on the border between Afghanistan & Pakistan and in the intelligence circles throughout the middle east.

Overthrowing governments, while necessary in Afghanistan where they were harboring the training camps of Bin Laden, is however not a competent strategy for stamping out a fringe extremist group. It is a horrible misallocation of resources is all it is. Why broaden the fight from the people you are hunting? That just makes everything more difficult and hinders the execution of the actual goals. Liberal democracies cannot be forced upon a society over a short time frame. To hope so, and thus to commit our entire national defense to such a folly, is the height of stupidity, and makes our country much less safe.

All of those web sites you've provided links to have wholeheartedly supported every single policy of the incompetent political leadership over the last 6 years that has time and time again proved to be a complete failure. Doesn't that track record begin to tell you that they actually have no idea what they're talking about, but are instead only interested in partisanship, regardless of the consequences?

You have apparently come home from Iraq, but your head is still stuck firmly in the sand.

honica jewinski said...

Can we at least all agree that up untill 1948, we had no enemies in the middle east?

honica jewinski said...

Infidel, Remind me again, What was so bad about Milosevic? And, Do you think he was offed (poisened) while in prison waiting to go to trial?

Anonymous said...

Here is the Freedom to Fascism movie on Google. Full Length:


Anonymous said...

Bush says, "Let them eat cake."

InfidelSix said...

>Islamofascism is a marketing term >used by right wing partisans

Clearly shows your lack of understanding the threat. It's funny how liberals seem to throw out the term fascist at will over almost anything when it comes in handy demonizing their political opponents, yet have no understanding of the reality of facism in practice. Moreover, it's a good descriptor.

>middle eastern countries are all >ruled by very different entities

??? Who said they weren't? Clearly shows your lack of understanding the enemy. Again, ....slower this time ..., it's religion-based.

>This grand "jihadist" movement you >claim is a world shaker is 1/100th >the size of the Taliban (who are >theocratic political party men with >little interest in world affairs

Are you going to deny that the Taliban support establishment of the Caliphate? How about Iran? Hamas? Hezbollah? The brainwashed British muslims that blew up the trains? The homegrown Spanish Muslims who blew up Spanish trains? The Saudi groups who fund Madrasses in Indonesia, Phillipines, Pakistan, England, France, and THE UNITED STATES?

Why do you reduce the "so-called" threat to raw numbers of terrorists? You admit "They have created unbelievable havoc at times, see 9/11". If 19 guys were able to make this country stand still, cripple our economy, cut the Dow from 11,000 to 6,800, cripple travel & related industries, etc ... WITH ONLY 19 PEOPLE!!!! - then I deduce that YOUR DISMISSAL of the threat based purely on numbers IS A PRETTY STUPID assessment. It obviously doesn't take a lot of terrorist to pull off the WORST ATTACK IN U.S. history.

>This global jihad you are talking >about is a mostly fringe group used >to scare people more than anything.

Do you realize how incredibly naive you sound?

>but they are by no means a threat >to the world we know it on any >organized political terms that >could constitute being named a >fascist movement.

You really need to keep reading those links and find out what's going on in Europe right now. Also, Indonesia, India, Russia, Sudan, Phillipines, everywhere in the middle east. Yes, it's a movement.

>They should be hunted down and >brought to justice like the >criminals they are and the >madrasses and institutions like the >Taliban government that incubate >their fringe movement should be >shut down and their funding should >be cut off.

Yes, that's the idea. You're not going to accomplish that with lawsuits, kisses, and hugs.

>We were well on the way to accomplishing that ...

Bu11$hit. How does that happen when the CIA is decimated?
Khobar Towers, WTC1, Tanzania, U.S. Cole, Able Danger, passed opportunities for OBL, WTF????

>All of those web sites you've >provided links to

They all link to real stories from all over - evidence of what is going on right under our noses. And very few of these stories make it to the MSM.

It sounds like it all boils down to disagreement over whether Islamofascism is a credible threat.

For me, the violence of the cartoon riots, threats and intimidation, murders of nuns and christian schoolgirls, etc., not to mention even the larger terrorist attacks is enough to convince me that the treat is credible. Clash of Cultures is an understatement. I don't need a FOX newscaster to tell me that. I've got my own eyes. You should open yours.

InfidelSix said...

honica jewinski said...

Infidel, Remind me again, What was so bad about Milosevic? And, Do you think he was offed (poisened) while in prison waiting to go to trial?

Why are you asking me? You're the one who says we work for the Jew puppet-masters. You know exactly how the Global Jewish Conspiracy works. You're the all-knowing expert. You should be able to explain it to me. I'm waiting.

honica jewinski said...

No, I'm really not familiar with the whole Bosnia deal. From what I understand, Milosevic was a national for what ever ethnic group he represented in that broken republic, he wanted a safe place for his racial family to reside, which I think, happened to be their native land, and worked toward that ends.