August 31, 2006

If you're not for us 100% you're a fascist, pro-terrorist, anti-American, cut-and-run coward

I really hope Americans aren't still buying this BS

Man, I can't wait for the carnage in November, for both parties

Vote the bums out. Let's get new blood. Hopefully the bursting of the housing bubble helps sharpen the point of the bayonette a bit more


Anonymous said...

Is that the bitter loser Olberman?

The Thinker said...

I think part of the reason almost as many people voted for Bush as voted for Gore in 2000 was because Bush was not a Washington insider and Gore was.

The lesson here is that not every Washington insider is a bum and not every Washington outsider is a suitable candidate.

Anonymous said...

What a blowhard!!!

He needs nearly 7 minutes to make a point??

His patron saint Morrow would have done it much shorter time.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that some people's attention spans are so slight that 7 minutes seems like a long time to them.

Anonymous said...

that piece made me proud to live in this country if you say that in iran you lose a finger in north korea you die agree with him or not I'm glad to see it

keith said...

7 minutes is about 6 1/2 minute too long for the fox news crowd, or the people magazine crowd. the fox news crowd also doesn't understand things if they're not SHOUTED

speedingpullet said...

Hey, at least he said something!

OK, its not as pithy and apposite as Murrow, but so far he's the only journalist I've heard who actually comes out and criticises the Govt.

Pity the poor CNN journalitsts....locked into a neverending cycle of the JonBenet muder case, Comair crash, Iran, JonBenet, Comair, nauseaum. No mention of sedition allowed in that busy timetable.

David in JAX said...

I don't believe that people voted for Bush in the same amount as Gore because Bush was an outsider. Both of them are equally bad speakers and their military records show they have the same IQ (135 Bush & 134 Gore). I think people voted for Bush because the Republican party found a certain special interest group (religeous right) that wasn't being courted. Someone finally kissed their butts and, wham, victory.

devestment said...

I have often thought that the HP website could be branded as “un-American” and that posters potentially be labeled “Evil doer sympathizers” or even communists or Marxists.I believe that this is why HP has a huge volume of traffic but only a few who are brave enough to post and oppose the status quo. Sure it’s easy to brand me a member of the tinfoil hat crowd and dismiss my observations and opinions. It is not so easy however to dismiss ones own distrust of a seemingly corrupt and wasteful government, a government that would control its people with reckless economic policy, over taxation, and the tax shelter incentive to be enslaved by debit to generate the holy grail of GDP. The biggest cost of which is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

keith said...

bravo devestment. thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! That was good! I couldn't believe my ears.

Anonymous said...

Keith Olberman, a main stream journalist journalist with cojones who call it as it really is.

The Keyboard Kommandos who agree with Rumsfeld and criticize Olberman should stop typing ,join up and go to Iraq and help out the failed disastrous mission. Put your life where your mouth is. Act like men, you faggots.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad the administration if find where they left their balls...

Face it, the liberals and their fellow travelers want america to fail, to be humilated, if only to prove themselves "right". (Like many people on this blog who don't own houses and fear they missed the boat)

For a more balanced view, listen to the Michael Savage show and he will let you know whats going on. He even hates Fox...

Richard said...

And it is not just in the good ol USA:

The flow of money from oil is already in decline in Mexico - production from their biggest field, Cantarell, is in steep decline.

If Lopez Obrador's supporters manage to reduce the flow of tourist dollars I think the new illegitimate government will have major problems.

Especially if a major economic downturn begins soon here in the U.S. - as I believe it will.

Some predict his parallel initiative — which Lopez Obrador's supporters call the "legitimate government" — could turn those protest camps into the core of a violent revolt, especially if the government tries to shut it down.
http://www.sfgate. com/cgi-bin/ article.cgi? f=/n/a/2006/ 08/29/internatio nal/i141204D66. DTL&type=politics

Mexico Leftist to Create Parallel Gov't
By MARK STEVENSON, Associated Press Writer
Tuesday, August 29, 2006

(08-29) 14:12 PDT MEXICO CITY, Mexico (AP) --

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, convinced he won't be awarded the presidency, has vowed to create a parallel leftist government and is urging Mexicans not to recognize the apparent victory of the ruling party's Felipe Calderon.

While his party lacks the seats in Congress to block legislation, Lopez Obrador can mobilize millions to pressure his conservative rival to adopt the left's agenda — or to clamp down and risk a backlash.

Anonymous said...

What kind of retarded loser watches PMSNBC?

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage just wants to prove lefties wrong because he is still upset about not being able to get the professor jobs he wanted. He is a whiny ass titty baby, nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

All you HP morons will be sorely disappointed when the Fed prints out money like never before and inflation roars. Housing prices will stagnate and decline slightly but not anywhere near where you think. You idiots forgot that money is free to the government and only costs stupid taxpayers like YOU. All this debt will be paid off with bogus fiat paper. They will lower the rates again to save Joe Six-Pack. So you idiots get your guns and ammo and hide in your bunkers while life goes on

Anonymous said...

Michael who? Man this site is full of nuts and weirdos from the fringes of society. You cretins keep telling yourselves how smart you really are...psuedo-intellectuals ROFLMFAO!!!!!!

panicearly said...

LONDON (Reuters) - British public broadcaster Channel 4 is courting controversy with what it calls a "shockingly real" drama about the fictional assassination of President George W. Bush.

who would want such a thing.. dick cheney would be president :)

Richard said...

Hey last ANON - we require more intellectual thought around here than what you provided.

Tell ya what - get a handle - then post more than just vile rants.

Perhaps you may get some respect here.

Anonymous said...

Olberman is OK, but Colbert would've been more succinct, ironic and funny.

tom said...

Act like a man and stop calling people faggots you shameful anon. I served in the military and liberal is a “political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties”. (Something to be proud of in my book.) Anon, inflation won’t save you from the housing bubble. That’s just wishful thinking, only a miracle could save you now. Funny how Rumsfeld talks of “appeasement”. Notice that the appeasement of Israel for the past fifty years is never mentioned. Now we have little choice but to confront a growing nuclear threat to us largely due to the marriage of our Federal Government and Israel. This just happens to be most beneficial to Israel’s security and our own worst peak oil economic nightmare.

Richard said...

Tom thank you!!

Fight the good fight!!

borkafatty said...


Inflation Guage Shows Fastest Climb in Four Years

The Commerce Department released consumer spending numbers today that included inflation data. The inflation data, tied to spending, showed that consumer prices, excluding energy and food, have risen by 2.4 percent over the past 12 months, the fastest rate of increase in nearly four years.

The 2.4 percent rise in consumer prices excluding food and energy for the 12 months ending in July matched a similar increase in September 2004 with that pace not exceeded since a 2.5 percent 12-month rise in August 1995.

Of course,if food and energy were included, the inflation picture would look even worse.

Bushwick Bill said...

I still can't believe you guys put your faith in any politician.

The country is on auto-pilot towards economic ruin. No politician has the guts to do what is needed to stop it. So, friends, please stop wasting your time and learn how the economy really runs

panicearly said...

"The first duty of the propagandist is to subvert the meaning of words."

facism to liberal
occupation to democracy
occupation to freedom
dissent to un-american

home to investment
debt to wealth

David in JAX said...

What I find interesting is that the meaning of many political words has changed since I was a kid. When I was in school (public school in the 80's, ouch) here is what several words on this page meant.

fascism - a form of government where individuals could own private businesses that were controlled by the state

liberal - from the French in the period right after the French revolution, a "liberal" or loose view of the constitution

conservative - from the French in the period right after the French revolution, a "conservative" or strict view of the constitution

left wing - also from the French, the side of the parliament where the liberals sat

right wing - the side of the parliament where the conservatives sat

None of these definitions had anything to do with personal freedoms, human rights or civil liberties. Now, a conservative believes that liberals hate civil rights and a liberal believes that conservatives hate civil rights. Fascism is a term everyone uses to label someone they don't like for any reason.

"Hunter" said...

Keith Olberman is a long standing joke. He was a prick when he worked at Sportscenter and never got along w/ his co-workers. He should know a thing about Hubris and arrogance because he has always been an example of it. The plain cold hearted facts are that nobody watches his show and he should go back to his "glory days" of being a sportscaster. Like all newscasters, he's a damned actor pretending to be an intellectual or the all mighty journalist.

Random note: I agree that there needs to be an complete revolt on all incumbents, Repub & Dem. Most are out of touch with the realities of this world. I also agree w/ Keith there needs to be term limits for these asses.

Anonymous said...

I hate that moron, Olberdick. He's such a cynical POS ... I remember when he worked at a local LA station doing sports ... I hated him then too.

What an egotistic jackass!

InfidelSix said...

Sounds to me like Rummy struck a chord. The hyperventilating reaction onlys underscores the point that the truth hurts.

What's really funny is how knee-jerk the lib reaction is. They hear things that were never said and create their own boogeymen out of thin air.

For example, Richard, no one thinks your a facist for believing in you 9/11 conspiracy. You made that up. That's your self crated boogeyman. In truth we just think you're a moron or a member of the tinfoil-hat crowd.

And Anon's response to Hunter - "Clinton was a pussy b/c he didn't nuke Monica". That's a completely knee-jerk, stupid response. You're really saying that if he's critical opf Carter, then he has to be for nuking everyone? No room for any position except the most extreme archetype you can come up with? You must be stupid to believe anyone would fall for that lame-ass, childish, debate startegy. You're a mental midget. That's why this country is doomed. No one wants to meet in the middle.

So where will your appeasement lead you? I'd take Reagan over Carter anyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

fish said...

Hey Anonymous (Thursday, August 31, 2006 4:58:43 PM)

Enjoy your $30.00 latte!


Anonymous said...

I just watched the entire 7 minute rant.

Olbermann is a very talented journalist / commentator, but I'm absolutely convinced he cannot, and WILL NOT rise to the level of popularity as the simple minded Bill O'Reilly.

This has nothing to do with viewers being stupid, but rather the fact that Keith Olbermenn is an arrogant, cockroach, who loves to attack those whom he disagrees with. He rarely offers anyone on his show with a descending viewpoint.

Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans and Democrats don't like people like Keith Olbermann! This is clearly pointed out in his ratings!

Tony1790 said...

Finally, someone has the nuts to say that rumsfeld is an idiot. He said that Iraq could be taken with 50k troops, that the war would be financed with Iraqi oil money, etc, etc. I cannot believe what complete morons that we have running this country.

Sadam was always a dictator, we supported him as a bulwark against the whacky neighbors in Iran. Now the pro-Iraninan Shia's are in control of Iraq, total chaos that will end badly.

And domestically, everything is couched in terms of pro or anti terrorism, they use the fear button to control people's expections and to criticize their critics. Heaven help us, the slowly boiling frogs in this country are too stupid to realize we are losing our freedoms each and everyday.

To give up your freedom for security is to ensure that you will have neither. We can never be totally secure, but we can totally lose our freedom and once gone, forget about it coming back.

As to dems vs. rep - they are both incompetent and evil in their own way, we are surely screwed.

God bless America

Anonymous said...

why do the fox news crowd always use hateful nicknames to denigrate their intellectual opponents


5th grade educations?

dvo said...

"For a more balanced view, listen to the Michael Savage show"

...dear sweet Jesus, we're all doomed.

panicearly said...

formerly know as Micheal Weiner for you Savage listners. I agree "savage" sounds tougher, more manly, caveman like.

panicearly said...

military is paying for positive news coverage.....WAPO

see folks its just a PR problem, once more media covers the good stuff, thing will seem better.

maybe keith can get some $$, and we can all blog about how great investment the Bhagdad condominium market is. i here everone wants to move to the Green Zone.

ZZZZzzzzzzz said...

wow... that was boring.

Anonymous said...

'dick cheney would be president :) "
You mean he's not already?????

Jip said...

>>Michael Savage just wants to prove lefties wrong because he is still upset about not being able to get the professor jobs he wanted. He is a whiny ass titty baby, nothing more, nothing less.<<

Dr. Weiner seems to be a spoiled brat who enjoys attacking ANYONE who will not march lockstep with him.

Anonymous said...

richard = dick

perfect name for the moron

your last name must be noggin

Anonymous said...

i would guess the democraps don't use any name-calling? besides, the leftardists don't have any intellectuals - just a bunch of crybaby whining idiots

the pot calling the kettle black

Anonymous said...

richard noggin must be one of the floriduh morons who couldn't figure out the butterfly ballot that his own party designed. now the cretin thinks that the mexican election was somehow stolen. the leftards are such crybabies and sore losers.

Anonymous said...

Olberman IS, the biggest sh*thead in broadcasting and the people who work with him hate his guts.

Oh, and Tom who posted above is a sissy.

Anonymous said...

Great job by Olberman.
I'm still amazed that he's the only one that has criticized the current gov. in such a direct, forceful way. We could have really used more of them before and in early stages of the Iraq war.

Anonymous said...

great job by olbermann indeed. I just went to msnbc web site to see the video replay. Classic stuff --I recommend to all of you.

I cant wait for 2008. and getting rid of this bunch of whack jobs in the white house. how in the hell did they ever get elected. Oh yeah, thats right, they didn't.

Anonymous said...

I never knew what to make of Olberman...I do now...that was good...that was incredibly good.

Anonymous said...

it takes guts to take on the reptilien rumsfeld. he has a way of causing problems for his enemies.

Anonymous said...

The big problems is the NEO-CONs.

"google" neo-cons, study their background.... and ask the questions:


They are think tank intellectuals who though they could turn Iraq into Iowa.
Like most intellectuals they had their feet firmly planted in MID-AIR!

But to criticize them, they will call you ANTI-SEMETIC! How trite!

Stick and stones may break my bones by names will never harm me!

It is time we kicked their asses back to the think tanks... But I think they have already sunk the Republican Party who fell for their tripe hook line an sinker!

Robby said...

I think that the housing problem will not burst in Florida. Florida real estate is still affordable compared with other places and many people want to move there.

Anonymous said...

why don't you just take a drive around florida...look out the window, what are you blind?keep dreaming.