July 22, 2006

Want to see what's REALLY going on out there? Check out Condoflip's new Panic Button

Why a site with the tag line "Bubbles are for Bathtubs" has felt the need to recently develop terror alert system inspired color coded panic buttons, well, you be the judge.

This should absolutely crack HP'ers up... Enjoy!

If you are a seller using Condo Flip, we give you an opportunity to lower your price to a point that makes your condo irresistible to another buyer. Essentially, you are creating a dramatic price drop.

When you have a listing in Condo Flip and you push a "panic button", your price automatically drops, and thousands of buyers are notified.

These listings make up the regular Condo Condo Flip™ marketplace. This is the level that most sellers will use to sell their condos. The listing price is determined by the seller.

Condo sellers that push the Level 2 panic button will have their condo's listed price lowered to a break-even point. These become great deals. The price of the condo is the seller's original contract price plus 8%.

When a condo seller pushes a Level 3 panic button, they agree to give up half of their deposit, thereby reducing their price to less than what they paid for it. This is for the most desperate of circumstances. The price of the condo is the seller's original contract price less 6%.


Anonymous said...

The Level 3 button sets it to your contract price minus 6%, which is nowhere near enough. They need at least 4 more levels.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they are holding out for contract price minus 6% is indicative of how long the crash will last.

Saying such a price is "level 3" indicates that owners are thoroughly convinced their properties are worth more than the market says they are.


Anonymous said...


dan said...

Level 10

Of course she's part of the deal. I have two
more daughters anyhow.

Out at the peak said...

(Blue) Level 4: Sellers willing to bring money to the table.

(Magenta) Level 5: Sellers bringing money to the table and kidney.


I like Dan's level 10. Charcoal color?

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

(brown) level 6: Mail keys to bank and move to some country that has no extradition agreement with the U.S.