July 28, 2006

Enjoy your trip to buy cheap crap at China-Mart


Anonymous said...

Dear - dear, If anybody knows anything about China's history, it shows that the timberbox is well on its way on lighting up.

Everybody forgets it's an authoritarian extremely corrupt commie gov't.

I personally like the line "the poor have no human rights"

Fish said...

Couple that with the "Bare Branches" (the estimated 35 to 40 million men who have no reasonable chance of marriage due to sex selective abortions and the one child policy!) and China could pop hard during the next economic slowdown!

christiangustafson said...

Somebody calls me on the phone.
Say hey-hey-hey is Arty Home. You wanna
Take a walk. You wanna go cop.
You wanna go get some Chinese Rock.

I'm livin' on a Chinese Rock.
All my best things are in hock.
I'm livin' on a chinese rock.
Everything is in the pawn shop.

The plaster fallin' of the wall.
My girlfriend cryin' in the shower stall.
It's hot as a bitch.
I should've been rich.
But I'm just diggin' a Chinese ditch.

- the Ramones

borkafatty said...

China also leads the world as the biggest polluter of its natural resourses...

Anonymous said...

It's hardly unique to China, although quite extreme in degree. The similar injustice has happened or is happening right now in many so-called fast developing countries. India, for example. Eminent Domain is also often abused in the US.

So sad. Those thugs "invading" the village to kick out the residents are the underclass themselves.

For Whom the Bell Tolls...?

Anonymous said...

Now you see why the Chinese are so eager to loan us $2bn a day to keep buying their crap. If the wheel ever stops turning, there will be riots in all the major cities with a month. The money they are loaning is penny ante compared to the potential destruction and chaos they face.

kodiak said...

Good to see the Chinese using American
made heavy equipment(Cat)to demolish their own country.

Maybe there is something to this global economy thing?