June 28, 2006

Silly question: Did the weather suddenly get nicer in Miami, Tampa, San Diego, LA, Phoenix or Tucson?

I must have missed a memo, because if you listened to realtors, it would seem those are the only cities in the world that people want to live in. A rush of folks who need houses and condos, marching into the sunbelt and Florida to enjoy that great lifestyle that wasn't there 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago.

As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure Florida had a beach five years ago - that must be new!

And since so many millions, tens of millions, are rushing there for not only the awesome weather, but the fabulous economy, a million dollars for a house is chump change. It can only go up and up and up!


Probably the funniest thing is that these cities really don't even have a real economy. People just build houses and sell them to each other. For now.


Anonymous said...

Keith, you don't exactly invite the most intelligent commentary with your lead ons. "Who do you blame?" with stick figures? Nativist rants? Obscure, ad hominem whacks at George Soros? I mean, this blog is frigging eccentric, and that's putting it politely. So it's a little rich when you try to assume the role of adult moderator. You're the infant terrible who gets the rest of the idiots going.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh yeah, the weather is better in SD and Miami. I spend alot of time in Jupiter FL, 15 miles north of W Palm. It is the absolute balls. I walk to the ocean, the water is 78-84 degrees, and the weather Jan-April is 70-84 degrees mostdays and sunny. I am not a CA fan, but the weather in San Diego is tough to beat. AS for AZ, the fall, winter, and spring is really nice and dry. So, yes, the weather in these places IS better.

skytrekker said...
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skytrekker said...
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Anonymous said...

All of this may be true for the above over-hyped localities...however, in Boulder, our weather is the best in the US, if not the world.

Warm sunny summers with nice dry air so it never feels too hot. Winters are usually sunny and not too cold...perfect for skiing. When those real cold-snaps arrive, it is with deep-blue skies and 0% humidity.

No place- NO PLACE- has a more stimulating climate than Boulder, Colorado. And that's putting it mildly.

Oh, those Flatirons...

skytrekker said...
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skytrekker said...

Climatologically speaking, the California coast has the most 'comfortable climate' in the USA.

My undergraduate degree had a Geography major. Studied climate in that major.

What makes California cities like those in the SF bay area, Santa Barbara (and the rest of the central coast) down to Malibu, Huntington Beach, Oceanside to San Diego so pleasant? Not nuch annual dirunal change in temps- San Francisco has an average high in January of 60, and 6 months later in July 70 degrees.

San Diego average high in January 64, in July 74. Heat and cold are very uncommon. San Francisco has a few days during SOME winters when the temperature may fall to 32 over night, San Diego has none.

Oppressive humidity is unknown. As one goes further inland in California it can become very hot in the summer, with cooler winter temps as well.

Coastal California has a dry mediterranean climate called 'Dry subtropical- cool coast'. Which means cool to warm summers, with no rain, lots of sun, with some low strata fog and clouds in the morning.

Winters along the coast in California offer mild temps, with some rain (more as one goes north) Interspaced with sunny pleasant days. Frosts are common away from the coast. No other climate as the California coast is so condusive to outdoor living.

'Dry Subtropical' climates...mediterranean, throughout the world have attained a 'glamor like reputation' They are confined to the western side of continents between the latitudes of 30-45 degrees north OR south of the equator. WHich includes CA, central Chile, southern Europe (Spain Portugal, French Rivierra, Most of Italy, Croatia, Greece, The Crimea) Also Northwest Africa, Western Turkey, Capetown SA, Lebannon, Most of Israel, also Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne Australia.

California and Chile (to a lessor degree) are the only parts of this climatic region however with a 'cool water' coast- the other areas mentioned become warmer in the summer by about 10 degrees.

San Francisco on average has only 5-7 days a year with temps 90 or above.

Arizona has an arid desert climate in cities like Phoenix and Tucson (Although Tucson at 2500 feet above sea level) while also an inferno in the summer is a bit more tolerable then Phoenix. I frankly find these two AZ cites too hot- despite the low humidity (although winters are very pleasant)

I dislike Florida- which is basically a humid subtropical climate- near Miami more tropical. Too hot, humid, rainy, extreme storms. I suppose life near the beach in Ft. Lauderdale is very pleasant- but I prefer California.

The Pacific Northwest also has a 'temperate climate' of warm sunny summers, with cloudy damp mild winters- and is also most comfortable compared to hot climates like thise in AZ and Florida, as well as Texas.

Anonymous said...

Florida's weather is great .. I especially enjoy the hurricanes ..

Anonymous said...

Born and raised in Florida. If you like temps in the 90's and high humidity, this is the place to be. Personally, I think it sucks. S. Florida is a "swamp" - too many bugs and alligators. The only good weather here is right on the beach during the winter. Other than that - blah!!!

Joey said...

Keith, you are way off base here. Perhaps the Phoenix economy is based on house flipping, but to include LA in a list of cities with no economy?

Anonymous said...

Northern New Jersey Real Estate Bubble

had an updated reports for NEW JERSEY Housing Bubble !!!

Anonymous said...

My Motto for HOUSING in these boom areas is " LET IT ROT ..ON the LOT" !

blogger said...

joey, I stand corrected, LA does have an economy. I read it's the porn capital of the world

Anonymous said...

Tucson is generally thought to be the oldest continuously existing human settlement on the North American continent. It must have had something going for it all these years.

But overpopulation and environmental degradation are here as elsewhere. Our riverbeds are dried up and ugly because of damming upstream to redistribute water. Land is subsiding because we have depleted the water table underground. Tucson was once a refuge for people with asthma and other respiratory problems. Then we started installing golf courses and importing non-native plant species and our air is pollen-infested much of the time.

Where once there was untouched desert, or a dirt road, there is now pavement. The pavement absorbs and holds heat from the sun, raising the average mean temperature several degrees.

Too many people on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Not too many people on the planet, just your part of the planet.

panicearly said...

did the weather in all these places get better recently? say since 1996.. and then the weather got really really good in 2003? lol that must explain the house prices.
just had dinner with a friend from Monterey, he rents 1.5million house for 3000/month. he says monterey has nice weather and a lot of rich people want to live there so he doesnt think the prices will decline!
seems to me that people are turning to the gods to justify their bubble denials.
i wonder if people in london do that? how about it kieth, is it the london weather?

Anonymous said...


Sorry to burst your bubble Keith but California alone produces about 1.5 trillion dollars in goods every year (almost as much as the U.K.) Construction accounts for only about 7-10% of that gross product. Los Angeles is the largest manufacturing hub in the United States. Southern California (L.A. and San Diego) produces the lion's share of output. With the San Francisco bay area not far behind. You are being a little silly including San Diego and L.A. in your list.

veritas_faust said...

Reporting from Miami:

Its getting HOT here...I mean AFRICA HOT and to add to that we live next to a swamp known as the Everglades. So just imagine the humidity.

And the beaches are rapidly eroding with each storm. In the last 2 years we lost up to 30' of beach front along Miami Beach. We got about 30 feet more to go before it starts crashing on the sea walls during high tide.

And the WORST hurricane season on record is predicted this year. Yep the weather is looking better!!!

foxwoodlief said...

Hello, Florida doesn't have beaches? They have always held the title of having at least 10 of the worlds best beaches! Haven't you been to Sarasota, Clearwater, Santa Rosa Island, Daytona?

As for climate, some like it hot, some like it cold. Some like it dry and some like it tropical. Every place has its trade offs. Humid summer, warm winter. Cool summers, cold winters. Just right weather? Too expensive for most of us to ever live there.

California would be one of the richest countries in the world if it were independant. I agree Florida is being ruined but not by climate or lack of beaches but by over populaton and uncontrolled growth along the coast. The Arizona desert? A magical place that is also being ruined by over developement but great fall, winter and spring weather.

Keith you do like to stir the pot but then that is why I love to return to this sight to see what people say and what they think and I'm sure you do to. How many hits a day do you get on this site and how much money do you make by people clicking on to your links, buying some of the books you put out there about gold, house bubbles, the economy etc? After all a lot of bloggers make good money by blogging once they get a theme and an audience. Isn't that how you can live and travel in Europe right now?

Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree with some of the previous posters re the economy in places like Southern California. There are LOTs of jobs here and many of them pay quite well. The California economy is about the size of France's.

Incidentally, I spent four hours at the Pheonix airport yesterday. It was 104 outside and about 64-69 depending on where you sat inside the terminal. It was difficult to find a spot where the forced refrigerated air didn't make me chilly and I had nothing more than a short sleeved shirt and jeans. On the inbound plane I had asked the guy sitting next to me why so many people moved to Pheonix. He said, "it's the weather," as if that were the most obvious thing in the world.

skytrekker said...

Florida does have some fine beaches-
however if we look at the scientific impirical information on the affects of climate change/global warming, Florida's climate will change as just about every part of North America.

The biggest threat to Florida in the next 10-20 years is sea rise- caused by melting ice at the poles, which will cause flooding and erosion as it will in many other coastal regions, from California to New England. In Florida the flat topography will make these problems worse, and will be agravated by tropical cyclones (Which are becoming more numerous and much stronger-adding to the states woes) Florida's climate will also become hotter (but the warming will not be as pronounced as further north)

Anonymous said...

Weather really is dependent on the person. I HATE anything under 70 degrees and I happen to love very warm weather. My choices boiled down to CA, AZ or FL. Love Miami, but there are no mountains and I am an avid skier. So down to CA and AZ. Love SoCal more than life itself, but $1mil for a house ten miles from the beach did not work for me, plus for young people the business climate is tough and competitive. So chose PHX to get away from Midwest winters. Housing prices are obviously high, but not even in the same stratosphere as SoCal. The weather is perfect from October thorugh May and I really don't mind the summer months. Do I love 105 every day - hell no! But I don't HATE it like I did real Midwestern winters. Plus, I can escape to SoCal with a five hour drive or a 40 min flight. So I guess it is not really about good weather vs. bad weather, it is more about what one can tolerate. Heck, some people think the weather in SD sucks because there is no change of season at all, nothing. At least in PHX, you have summer and you have SUMMER!

Anonymous said...

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