June 25, 2006

HP'ers - Contact HousingBubble2 and let Ben know he should (finally) add HP to his blogroll

Hey, it's only been a year. Seems like Ben would (finally) see HP as a peer, a brother in arms, not as competition. And I know a lot of HP'ers visit HB2 (with my strong recommendation), and I know a lot of HB2'ers visit HP (even though Ben may not like it).

Contact him at thehousingbubble@gmail.com or click here. A hundred emails from HP'ers might do the trick. Kum Ba Ya.

My take is that Ben reports the news, Wall Street Journal-like, while HP is an over-the-top, immature, irreverent and in your face news and opinion rag, Fox News-like. If ya know what I mean. Plus I have funny pictures.

The bubble blog world is big enough for 'em both


Dogcrap Green said...

A well written blog.

Thanks for pointing it out.

I'm done with you Kieth.

SenX said...

I have wondered about that too. He certainly has crappier blogs linked than HP. Personally I visit both of them every day for lurking.

Anonymous said...

fuck him. all he does is recycle news items. on the other hand, there are no talk radio-style nativist rants over at HB2, and maybe he doesn't want to feed his readers to a Michael Savage wanna be.

Anonymous said...

This blog has turned into pathetic far left blog. Yet another Dailykos for narrow minded idiots who believe leftist propaganda. Isn't Dan Rather available now, maybe he can join your blog.

Anonymous said...

That would be a good suggesion if this was still a blog re the housing bubble. But alas, it's now a hodgebodge of housing stories and boring political rants. Many better places to get that.

Anonymous said...

I never even noticed he didn't have a link to your blog - I read yours everyday - sometimes twice a day if I really need a fix. I only read HB2 when you're on vacation. Otherwise I use the links thru NYT walkthru to check up on other house-related news. You give me hope Keith and you keep it entertaining! Keep up the good work!

devestment said...

Who is Ben?

Anonymous said...

I read both blogs since they each have their own strength. His is a good news summary, but can get boring, esp. if you read the general news and see some of the story links already.

This blog is a more interesting free for all, and though more on the left, I still read it even though I am a conservitive republican and think Michael Savage is just saying what the rest of us are afraid to say....

foobeca said...

Great, one anon accuses HP of being a talk radio style "nativist" blog and another anon accuses it of being a far left dailykos blog.

Keith is neither. From what I've seen Keith leans liberal on social issues, but is "conservative/libertarian" on economic issues, and is conservative when it comes to ILLEGAL immigration.

Both Keith and I view Bush as a traitor to this country, but so are Murtha, Pelosi, and Kennedy. They're all corrupt with a few exceptions. We need to throw the bums out from both parties.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, it's over the top, it leans to the left, I however lean to the right, but the main point is to kick the crappy RE "industry" in the face, which it needs!

panicearly said...

i enjoy both, especially anecdotal evidence stories, that brings it to life.

Anonymous said...


you are correct, your blog is lighter, easier, has the best pictures and conveys the same info.

HB2's greed stymies

a rising tide carries all


arizonadude said...

Both of your blogs are the best out there. They are a little different but they are the top two on the net.

Anonymous said...

Why not focusing on housing related issues rather than partisan politics? Yes, some issues (such as illegal immigration) have at least a vague connection to housing issues but in many cases people here are just adding totally unrelated BS to their housing rants. If you hate Bush or Ted Kennedy it is better to leave it for political blogs. There are plenty of them already.

NAte said...

Ben is a nobody. Micheal Savage is a straight shooter and there are far too few of them out.

Anonymous said...

left vs. right?

when you wake up to this false dichotomy? Designed to give us a "choice" between two sides of the exact same coin.

I don't read left or right into this blog. Then again I don't look at someone's opinion and then assign a one-dimensional label to the person either.

The left/right debate is designed to force people to take sides. It's BS. You think immigration is a left or a right issue? No. It's a complex issue that needs discussion and input, not a separation into a boys vs. girls gym dance.

Wake up. You're being manipulated into choosing these simplistic left/right, conservative/liberal, republican/democrat bullshit labels.

It's become so ridiculous I can't even tell which side an issue is going to line up on. But line up it will. The "left" will be all for it. The "right" will be all against it. Fucking ridiculous. And both stonewall themselves into complete inaction.

John said...

I read both and have links to both on my site www.resourcebullmarket.com
I get a kick out of the people who say Keith is a dick or a liberal and keep reading anyways. Thats the one good thing about the blogsphere, it is a market place of ideas. The best ideas get the most readers.

Anonymous said...

My take is that Ben reports the news, Wall Street Journal-like, while HP is an over-the-top, immature, irreverent and in your face news and opinion rag, Fox News-like.

What an arrogance..
Kieth: Have you been watching too much CBS "rathergate" News lately?

bugsy said...

Don't be petty. A lot of people read both blogs. I would think after being on the www awhile you would have developed a thicker skin by now.

Dan said...

I actually agree with Keith politically, although he is a bit over the top some times. I used to lean Republican before they decided (a) tax cuts are the solution to everything, (b) they got in bed with the religous right, (c) resorted to Karl Rove tactics of political assination, (d) decided deficits don't matter, (e) decided the environment doesn't matter and global warming--if it does exist, isn't proven to be influenced by human activity and therefore we should do nothing in order to save some jobs, (f) gay marriage and flag burning are somehow important--as if we're somehow threatened by them, (g) that Iraq was a major threat and justified an invasion based on bs evidence (ala Curveball), and (h) that amnesty is somehow a solution on illegal immigration.

I don't find the Democrats particularly inspiring with Pelosi and all (there are some out there with leadership potential, Reid, Obama, Ford, Emanuel), but going Democrat is a no-brainer when compared to the Republicans.

As for the Republican-led Federal reseve trying to eliminate the business cycle through monetary policy and blowing up bubbles like housing by dousing the economy with too-cheap credit and insufficiently stringent lending requirements...

There is no way to truly separate the housing bubble from the political and economic issues that Keith discusses. Since that is the case, I don't have a problem with his wider focus in this blog.

I also read Housing Bubble 2, but that's more of an article repository. It would be nice if Ben actually injected some commentary of consequence--put himself on record in a more meaningful way.

keith said...

trust me, you host an opinion blog, you gotta have thick skin. I get called a lot of names on this blog

what bugs me is that the bubble bloggers should stick together to defeat the bubble and the MSM. I just don't get Ben's paranoia

David said...

I am not sure why Ben has not yet linked to the Housing Panic blog.

Ben recently, added the Baltimore Housing Bubble Blog to his blogroll.

Ben should link to Keith's blog.

Bubble Meter Blog

Dan said...

Regarding my last post, I realize that "assassination" is spelled as shown.

Also, I realize that the Democratic position on immigration is worse than the one advocated by Conservative republicans. I do feel that we should take an enforcement first position.

The problem is that Business-Republicans want the cheap labor and Bush is catering to them (as he does regarding environmental issues).

It's too bad that the current Bush-Hastert mentality for governing involves bull-dozing opposition rather than finding compromise. There are plenty of votes to get:

(a) stronger business sanctions,
(b) requirements for identity checks, including for subcontractors, (c) a national id card with integrated human data such as finger prints or retinal scans.

I personally think that businesses or their subs should lose all federal tax deductions if found to hire illegals. That would do it.

moman said...

I read both HP and TheHousingBubbleBlog. I like HP for the cartoons and off the wall commentary - HBB is more (as someone else said) like reading the WSJ. Generally the same comments over and over. But good content; I wonder how he has the time to post 3-4 new articles a day.

Both of the blogs are a refreshing break from the MSM. You've got my vote Keith.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say to the retards that still look at life as either "left" or "right." Perhaps the best explanation would be that the educational system has never really been behind the idea of encouraging people to think for themselves. This is not surprising when you consider how they get paid.

Anyway, Keith, you and been Ben are both valuable resources and greatly appreciated. I check you both, at least daily, and I while I tend to read Ben's forums/comments more completely, I read 100% of your posts and about 75% of Ben's "clippings."

Please keep up the great work, both of you!

skytrekker said...

What 'Dan' says makes much sense about the current republican party.

I truly believe the GOP has created this housing bubble-with help from Alan Greenspan- the biggest bubble blower in history- to inflate the economy with as much liquidity as possible, then when the damn breaks, add more liquidty to save the day, and produce another bubble. Trouble is there may be no bubbles left to blow up- and thats when the whole rotten premise the republican controlled FED explodes.

To the faint of mind- its easy to fall for the lies and cheap duplicity the republican party uses. 'Patriotism' 'Moral scapegoating'
'Character assasination' and other tabloidlike 'propaganda'. Those of the so called 'elite left' who are the 'enemy' can see through this 'credit card politics'.

Bens Blog is pretty much a news like blog- that sometimes offers some politics as well. HP has an edge- I enjoy both for great information.

Tom said...

Please for the love of America visit the Libertarian party at