May 30, 2006

The Housing Panic housing bubble burst warning system

Everyone else has one. What color should we be at today? And maybe we should do it by market. The Red's really do match up nicely with where the speculators came in and then left. Oranges are bad economies and also speculators leaving. Yellow is everyone else.

Red Alert: Phoenix, DC, Naples, Tucson, Boston, Miami, Tampa, San Diego, OC

Orange Alert: Denver, Reno, Flagstaff, The Entire State of California, Detroit

Yellow Alert: The rest of the entire developed world

Remain calm. Do not run.

On second thought, run!!!


Anonymous said...

what's above red? that's the level Phoenix needs to go to


how about that?

Anonymous said...

No you don't understand California. The entire state is in the red.

Anonymous said...

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FL_Bust said...

Central Florida is at YELLOW ..

mounting inventories, builders keep building, PRICE REDUCED sings all over ....

Chris G said...

"what's above red? that's the level Phoenix needs to go to"

I think a picture of someone's head exploding would be nice.

Chris G said...

I changed my a picture of that guy's face melting off in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (you know, it's really hot in Phoenix, there's a 'meltdown' in the housing market --- ah, so many parallels!)

Anonymous said...

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