May 31, 2006

Buyers and Sellers


Anonymous said...


I'll admit it

I at first fell for Kieth latest scheme.

First I felled for the BS that us annymous guys are anything but Kieth.

Now we have Kieth destroying all the housing buble blogs he created to direct traffic here.

Only consparicy is a Kieth trying to take over the world.

plastic said...

uh, yeah...

World domination is exactly his plan.

He hides underground at this moment, gathering his Uruk-Hai army to destroy all human inhabitants on the planet who opppose him.

Dogcrap Green said...

Dogs like yummy steaks too said...

Dog crap,

I was going to post about how that article you linked to was a housing bull's fools tale. Then I saw it came from you...

Well, I borrowed from my TSP so I could pay off. I have a lower rate as I pay myself back the money over 5 years at 5% and I am not stuck in a falling market or with a depreciating dollar in the securities fund.

There are two sides to the story. I personally like my side.

Dogcrap Green said...

I have no problem with asset back debt.

I do believe in an accelerated payment plan though.

folks talk about tax savings and lost earnings you could get with your money being free. But it's all Bullshit. The standerd deduction is so freaking large - your mortgage is not the tax shelter you think it is. I am currently paying $10,000 a year interest. A standerd deduction is now around $7,000. So I get $3,000 x .15 - or a tax savings of about $450. Be fucking deal. For $450 I am suppose to be happy about being a slave to debt?

Anonymous said...


A hilarious graphic as always!

Anonymous said...

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