April 26, 2006

White House and Fox News tie the knot officially - let the propaganda continue

This is the most out of touch white house in my memory. Worst than Carter during his rose garden hideout days. Worse than when Nixon roamed the halls drunk talking to portraits.

But add out of touch with politically unsavvy, and you get this (new) disaster. They obviously didn't check the guy's CV very much though (which is par for the course - remember Brownie? Remember Harriet? Remember the shoplifting advisor?).

Must've saw Fox News on the resume and said you're hired! I hope he gets Jeff Gannon back in the room too. And maybe start paying for stories again in Iraqi papers. And start paying Armstrong Williams to place stories too.

You know, Hitler was fond of propaganda too. So was the USSR. It does have its place when you want to control and manipulate an impressionable population. Kudos to the team on this one!

Here's some great Tony Snow quotes:


mr. smith said...

Welcome, Dr. Goebbels.

Anonymous said...

I do love your writing, but please decide if this is a popping bubble blog, or a political one....yeah, I know you believe the two relate to one another, but pick your poison. You risk losing some of your more astute (financially) posters.
Political views are a dime a dozen...I'd rather read imput from posters that offer substance relative to the "Housing Panic".

Anonymous said...

I suppose when Hillary installs lizard man Carville in the same spot, you lackeys will be gushing with praise for her great choice. Yes it's all spin, sorry your guy lost twice in a row. Get over it already.

Anonymous said...

awright - that's it....i'm out of here.....just deleted HP from my bookmarks

too much politics and not enough housing on this site

Anonymous said...

i'm out too.

Anonymous said...

No worse than all the Democratic Party insiders who have gone to work for CBS, ABC, NBC and other "liberal" media, including (1) CNBC's Chris Matthews, former press secretary for Democrat House Speaker Tip O'neil, and former speechwriter for Democrat President Jimmy Carter; (2) NBC's Brian Williams from Democrat President Jimmy Carter's administration; (3) NBC's Jane Pauley from the Indiana Democratic State Central Committee: (4) PBS's Elizabeth Brackett, former Democratic candidate from ILL. (5) PBS's Bill Moyers, former press secretary for Democrat President Lyndon Johnson; (6) CNN's Jeff Greenfield, former speechwriter for Democrat Senator Bobby Kennedy and Democrat Mayor John Lindsay; (7) NBC's and MSNBC's Tim Russert, former assistant to Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan; (8) New York Times editor David Shipley, former speechwriter for Democrat President Bill Clinton; (9) New York Times deputy editorial page editor and columnist Leslie Gelb, former aid to Democrat Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter; (10) Tom Johnson, former CNN chairman and Los Angeles Times Publisher, and aid to Lyndon Johnson; (11) ABC Nightline producer Tara Sonenshine, formerly of Democrat President Bill Clinton's National Security Council; (12) NBC News seior vice president Thomas Ross, former special assistant to Democrat President Bill Clinton; (13) New Yorker correspondent Sidney Bumenthal, former speechwriter for Democrat President Bill Clinton, and on, and on, and on. Source: Ann Coulter's "Slander," Crown Publishers, 2002 (I told you it was worth reading).

Anonymous said...

Since Faux is a Division of Bushco., this move would be considered an internal transfer right?

In all seriousness, this cat has said some not so nice things about his new boss.

panicearly said...

tell it like you see it keith,

Bluzer said...

The point - reflexive rudderless republicans - is NOT that Bush picked somone from the media. Indeed we all know about the oft travelled bridge between the media and government. The point - pay close attention here - is that Bush picked someone who has been so caustically critical of him. Seems like we are really scraping now.

Anonymous said...

Democrat Mayor John Lindsay

1. "Democrat" is not an adjective.

2. Lindsay was a Republican. One of the last of the sane, responsible ones.

Anonymous said...

Democrat Mayor John Lindsay

1. "Democrat" is not an adjective.

2. Lindsay was a Republican. One of the last of the sane, responsible ones.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck does this have to do with the housing bubble? Most people come here to discuss real estate, NOT poli - ticks!

Keith, you can have your political debate without me! I told you before, you're pissing off 1/2 your patrons. Just because we are mad at Bush too doesn't mean we want to come here and hear your political bullshit!

Richard said...

why do "anons" have to tell us when they are leaving....just like little bitches..."I gonna leave Keith if you don't stop...Keith I'm warning you stop now...Ok Keith I'm leaving"

Fuckers kill me - its these pissy wineie bitches that I didn't want around anyway.

Anonymous said...

I like Tony. Independent mind. Great quotes. I 'm surprizsed that he took this shitty job. But whom do you want? Why will satisfy you?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Democrat Mayor John Lindsay

"1. "Democrat" is not an adjective.

"2. Lindsay was a Republican. One of the last of the sane, responsible ones."

The word "Democrat" here is being used as an identifying (adjectival) noun (the writer/mayor So & So, the wrestler/governor So & So) and therefore does work. Lindsey was a Liberal Republican, not a Democrat, but the mistake is mine (I didn't proofread), not Coulter's. Also, why must a Republican be ultra-liberal to be considered sane and responsible? If everyone were left-wing or right-wing, the country (the plane) would immediately crash.

To change the subject, several bloggers here have complained that Keith censors their posts, but if so, he doesn't censor much. However, I notice that Ben at HousingBubble2, and Patrick at Patrick.net absolutely do block or remove posts. Patrick deletes anything that seriously challenges his outrageous libels once he discovers it (after a few readers have already seen it), then maliciously and dishonestly attacks the author, misrepresenting what he or she actually said (but which can nolonger be viewed by the audience). I don't know if Ben deliberately blocks posts, but it is interesting how many disappear with no explanation over the course of a day, and how many people on other blogs report that their postings never appeared in the first place.

Granted, Patrick has the right to do whatever he wants with his blogs, but to remove a posting and then to misrepresent it clearly suggests that he doesn't want people to see what he's up to.

Therefore, my vote goes to Keith, who makes us laugh with his funny pictures. Yes, his politics border on Red Square, but humor can usually save the day.

Anonymous said...

And yes, "politics" works as both a singular and plural noun.

borkafatty said...

Keep up the great work keith its obvious that the word is getting out and these right wing neocons can't handle the truth.

I also agree politics plays a lot into housing as well as the state of our economy...I know where I stand finacially and where to invest my pennies so its all good.

Those who cant handle the truth always abandon ship kinda like their president siant bush of rectal cranial inversion.

Python said...

Richard, I totally agree with you.
Anons, if this blog is not to your liking, then just leave - O.K.?

Anonymous said...

You are a nitwit Keith. Do us all a favor and stay in Europe with all the socialist idiots.

Anonymous said...

I found an interesting blog, better than this: http://economicrot.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment re http://economicrot.blogspot.com/

Much more housing info and no politics there

Anonymous said...

economicrot.com has links to the Fed video - a must see for anyone on this blog.

SeattleMoose said...

anon 5:35...get a life.

Anonymous said...

this blog got all the traffic talking about housing bubbles.............Now we talk Bush and oil...............If we were not so caught up in this we would notice CTX warned and is down 7% after hours. We could talk about PHM MTH BZH any of those homebuilders and the bleak picture they are painting.

keith said...

face it dear readers - you'll get housing, you'll get world geopolitics, you'll get financial news and you'll get domestic issues.

it all comes together.

and for the hard-core fox news viewer, who doesn't want to expose himself or herself to any outside influences, thanks for visiting. goodbye.

keep in mind though that HP is not a democrat blog, not a republican blog, not liberal, not conservative.

I'm independent, free thinking and libertarian to the core. If you're a hard core dem or hard core rep, you'll likely not like what you find here. It's called the truth, something both parties can't deal with right now.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Keith !!

Tell those Manchester United fans over there to shove it !!
Arsenal Rules !!!

Now I'll duck from the bottles coming at me !

Sly said...

Wait, wait... Chris Matthews is a liberal?

Has anybody informed him yet?

Something about guys sitting around playing hardball that paints a picture most republicans would object to. No?

Anonymous said...

Keith, your point is well understood but who would you pick if you were a Republican President? Al Sharpton? All administrations have their front man (place generic PC term here) batting for them. Let's have a little common sense here. Politics or not, don't undermine your reputation by suggesting that this appointment differs from any other. As a Libertarian President you would not put a Press Secretary in place that didn't express support for your policies would you? Let's not keep politics out of it as you are entertaining, but be sensible. But really, isn't it fun to have all this diatribe expressed by so many on your blog?

Anonymous said...

"keep in mind though that HP is not a democrat blog, not a republican blog, not liberal, not conservative."

Keith, grow some balls, and admit you are a liberal democrat. Period.

You are:
Pro gay marriage
Pro increased, progressive taxation
Pro abortion
You insist Bush broke the law w/ wire tapping. (he did not)
You HATE Fox News (one of the few right leaning media operations in a sea of left-leaning ones)

Seriously...just admit it, it's cool, it's ok...I just "call it like I see it" Jackass

Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as an independent. issues are fairly black and white.

Anonymous said...

Tony Snow takes the job just in time for a Rove indictment. Sweet. The dominoes are falling. A snow job are going to keep these monsters out of prison. Hey Tony if you hurry maybe you can get yourself indicted too.

Anonymous said...

"Yes it's all spin, sorry your guy lost twice in a row. Get over it already."

Your party is imploding. Bye bye Repugs and good riddance. And best of all they're take the religious right down with them. As though you could go any lower than that inbred bunch of psychotics.

Anonymous said...

"You are a nitwit Keith. Do us all a favor and stay in Europe with all the socialist idiots."

It's looking a lot better than crony capitalism right about now. I am sooooo enjoying the republican race to the bottom (where they all feed anyhow).

Anonymous said...

"there is no such thing as an independent. issues are fairly black and white."

Wow don't your parents monitor your internet activity?

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