April 27, 2006

I absolutely LOVE this nut!!!

When you own oil stocks and gold, are dumping dollars and rent vs. own, you root for this nut to keep yapping away. Gold soars, oil soars, and then we have a great excuse to take him and his government and their nukes out, bigtime.

I think a few folks out there too waiting for the rapture and armageddon (hmmm.. maybe even the president) are rooting for the nut too.

Keep yappin Mr. Iranian Jerk. Keep up the good work! Don't let us down!

tick... tick... tick... tick...

Ahmadinejad's defiant stand on eve of nuclear deadline

With less than 24 hours before the latest deadline to halt its uranium enrichment expires, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today made another belligerent pledge to press ahead with his nation's outlawed nuclear programme.
At a rally in the north of the Islamic republic, the President told crowds: "We have obtained the technology for producing nuclear fuel. Thanks to God we are a nuclear state, no one can take that away from our nation."
The President's claims were bolstered by warnings from an Iranian opposition group in exile, which reported that Tehran was further ahead with its research than it has admitted.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but doesn't his eyes appear to be really, really close together?

Reminds me of the banjo playin hic from the movie "Deliverience"

Anonymous said...

Nothing good can or will come of this saber rattling.

And then The Fed suggests no rate hikes - dollar plunges. Idiots.

I don't think I could write a better setup for a bad near future dystopic novelette.

When are these big immigrant protests supposed to happen?

autofx in Phx said...

We'll soon find out whether W's swaggering ego can stay in check.

keith said...

don't bet on it...

I really think both guys think they're usering in the end of days

gog and magog


borkafatty said...

Well this kinda makes sence with the Iranian Bourse selling next week tis going to be great tv to say the least.

borkafatty said...

The thing that make me a little nervous is the way Iran has been licking china & russia's balls

Anonymous said...

This country is f@%$ing backwards. This Muslim nut keeps threatening to push the nuclear button yet the local news is questioning whether an anti-muslim debate in Riverside, CA is constitutional. Too bad its so damn cold in Canada!

Anonymous said...

my friends in the field have told me that they have credible evidennce that the fanatics in iran and those sitting on the afghan border with iran are praying that george delivers a nuclear attack - they want that as a rallying cry and then get their suicide teams to collect the radioactive fall-out material and throw it back at american intersts through out the middle east.

at a bbq party last week that i attended one of my buddies who's in the know said that if that happened oil would go through the roof and wall street could take a serious bath.

Anonymous said...

Yes he is a hick, even in Iran.

I believe a joke running around in Iran (by text message) involves him combing his hair, and ordering all the male lice to one side, and the females to the other. (making fun of his fundamentalism and 'redneck' background).

The authorities responded by making jokes about the president a crime.

Anonymous said...

Ok you idiots. There are no nukes in Iran. You idiots are talking like there are. Just what BushCo wants you to do. The claim of enrichment to the 3.5% level is probably a bunch of crap as well but even if it were true it means that Iran is nowhere near producing weapons grade uranium. But keep lapping it up you fools. It's your sons and daughters that will fight in Iran. And what will you get in return?

Anonymous said...

"press ahead with his nation's outlawed nuclear programme"

Since when is it outlawed? Who ever said it was?

Talk about propaganda.

The only countries which are in violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty are the US, Russia, China, Britain and France.

According to the treaty - all signatory countries which had stockpiles of nuclear weapons were supposed to GET RID OF THEM.

So... how many missles has the US or Russia dismantled in the past 30 years? What's their time table to be nuclear weapon free?

Uh-huh... and you're complaining about Iran?

Do you people really think that everyone on the planet is as stupid and gullible as those who bought into the housing bubble?

If you were Iranian... and seeing the blood baths in both Afghanistan and Iraq... wouldn't you probably want an insurance policy of your own.

After all - look at what happened to Iraq - which had no WMD.

Suppose the situation was reversed - let's assume that the US had no nuclear weapons. And China invaded Mexico and Canada, and was calling the US a terrorist nation at the same time.

How long do you thing Americans would sit on their hands before trying to develop weapons of their own to counter the Chinese threat?

Unfortunately... I think the Iranians are actually stupid enough to just want to create nuclear fuel, rather than weapons grade material.

Fatal mistake on their part...

Anonymous said...

Some anonymous CIA agent has just spilled the beans people. You can all rest assured that all of this UN baloney, IAEA BC and Mr. Iranian Jerk stuff is just a big conspiracy. Do what I do and just change the channel. A couple of strong drinks, a secret agent leak of the “truth” and life becomes much simpler people. Ditto for those N Korea baloney and cheese lies. Just assume the exact opposite of all of the so called "news reports" no matter who the source is. If that doesn't work I recommend sticking you head at least 12 inches deep into a nice sandbox. It sure beats trying to think about intentional world affairs. Now where did I leave that salt shaker?

Anonymous said...

HA! The CIA would be LUCKY to have me on their team... But I just don't have the stomach for all that killing stuff.

As for N Korea... they actually are trying to build nuclear weapons. But since they terminated their agreement with the NPT (Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty)... they are not doing anything illegal nationally or internationally.

My point is - countries terminate treaties all the time. Even the US terminated treaties to "not weaponize outer space" or "not build mini nukes"

So what... it's a treaty - not a law. Countries are allowed to terminate treaties if they want to.

What I don't understand is why people think that even if Iran was to violate the NPT (which would make it look really stupid btw) that this would mean that someone is allowed to stop them.

Since when did the US become the world policeman enforcing countries to adhere to treaties?

Who asked them?

If Americans don't want other countries to break the NPT - then I suggest they get rid of their nuclear stockpile or shut the flip up!

Anonymous said...

Exactly, we need to all go back to a quieter more peaceful time when there were no nuclear doo doo whatever bombs that are causing all of this trouble. Like in 19XX something or other before all of these stupid leaders were causing hatred and war. I'm starting a petition tomorrow that we send a UN team to fan out across the globe and collect them all and send them to mars or something. Thank God that at least I still have common sense.

Anonymous said...

P.S.I'm being sarcastic for those of you who don't get the humor.

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