April 23, 2006

HP'ers: Help the UK "First Rungers" avoid getting on the "Housing Ladder" before it's too late

It's truly funny to hear what they call the bubble over here - the Housing Ladder (seriously, I'm not making this up!)

As in "get on the housing ladder before it's too late!" and "once you're on the housing ladder, you can move up to the next rung!" Ahhh... nothing better than a great pyramid scheme...

Then there's this site - First Rung (really, I'm not making this up!). It encourages non-ponzi-scheme members to sign up for the program (i.e. be the last sucker in)

Well, the good news is they have a message board. I of course posted today. Feel free to crash the board and have fun! Perhaps a few of us yanks can help the potential First Rungers avoid the biggest mistake of their lives.


Anonymous said...

As a former Londoner, I can confirm this crazy obsession with housing in the UK.

I sold out in 2003, quit my corporate job, left London and now at 33 retired on the beach.

I loved the housing ladder music.
Thank you ponzi scheme.

African Geek :)

Consa said...

I give First rung my full backing and I am sure I can speak on behalf of my members, you need to read between the lines first before making rash statements, they have been supporting thecause of the first time buyer - by way of making them aware of the pitfalls etc.....


Anonymous said...

I love it! The trolls are putting you down for not being properly knowledgeable about the true intent of their site. The first thing I saw was a bank link to get a 100% mortgage. Some Help!

Anonymous said...


can you tell me more about the picture ?

keith said...

thought it was a nice ladder picture. but in reality it's about souls of humanity on the march to heaven, being tripped up along the way by demons as humanity watches, and jesus awaits

I forget the painter

Nice painting though. I can tell you living in london, I'll never be surrounded again by such great art. it's almost too much


Anonymous said...

Suzanne researched this!!!

Anonymous said...

Z housing ladder be turnin' into a snake!

Anonymous said...

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