March 22, 2006

Any HPers in the UK see the BBC undercover report last night on corrupt estate agents?

The best piece of television journalism I've ever seen. Ever.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing with the BBC reporter's hidden camera - forged contracts, forged passports, fake bids, non-stop lies, fake buyers, made up stories, you name it - anything to do the deal, make your numbers and get that commission.

Especially the omni-present Foxton's - the boiler room operation of the UK real estate bubble. Anyone who watched this report won't ever think of using Foxton's ever again. They're toast. What a slimy, unethical, pathetic collection of human scum, led my other human scum.

One word - disintermediation.

Folks in the US (and elsewhere) - click on this post's link and watch the recap video. You just know crap like this happens (or worse) every day in the states.

The lure of the almighty dollar (or pound) and people's morals and ethics go right out the window. People should go to jail. And so they will, once someone starts investigating this sleazy business called real estate.


Anonymous said...

Greed is not a family value but it permeates every occupation from agriculture to zoology! This means that no one will do it for you; you have to do it yourself or pay the piper.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is Frontline or 60 minutes? They should have done a story on this years ago!

Marinite said...

No one is going to jail for the amariquest fraud. They just have to payout 50 mill.