February 28, 2006

Can't sell your home? Get on ABC News and tell your story

Of course, let 'em know that HousingPanic sent ya!

Seriously, these kinds of stories in mainstream press are only going to make the bubble pop harder and faster as panic sets in. You can blame the media, but the media is just a mirror in the end. They didn't cause the bubble and they didn't cause it to collapse. We did.

Real estate. At times it seems that's all people want to talk about!

As the previously booming housing market shows signs of slowing down, ABC News wants to hear your real estate stories.

For example: Did you wade in to the speculator's market and buy a condo that now you can't sell?

Some home developers have offered deals like $100,000 off a new home or $10,000 gift cards at electronic stores. Did you buy a home because of these promotions? Are you thinking of selling your home now out of fear that prices will drop? Are you holding off on buying hoping prices will drop?

If this sounds like your experience and you'd like to share your story, please fill out the form below and let us know whether an ABC News producer may contact you to possibly include you in one of our reports. Make sure to include a phone number where you can be reached, and we may give you a call.


Anonymous said...

Bummer for greedy sellers, in that "more people get their news from ABC News than anywhere else."

Not sure this is still (or ever was) true but: ouch.

Anonymous said...

Quick somebody call the fire department my house is on fire!

Wait, forget the fire department, let it burn :)

blogger said...

hey anon #2 - funny, but seriously, if you burned your house down today, after getting an inflated appraisal done with your refi a few weeks ago, the insurance company pays you your full value, yes?

people burning down their homes - another ramification of the burst bubble?

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

House burning is not a very good option. In bubble areas the land is worth more then the house. Insurance just pays the replacement cost of the structure and whatever contents you have insured. I know people who had a house fire (gas explosion). The property was valued at 350K but all they got was 150K to clean up the mess and replace the house. They did not come out ahead. The inflated value on your house is in the land and it's tough to burn that.

Anonymous said...

The inflated value on your house is in the land and it's tough to burn that.

where is a bunker buster when i need one :)

Anonymous said...

I want to see one of those people up north of Sacramento that closed on their $450K D.R. Horton house the week before Horton cut prices by $100K. DOH!

Out at the peak said...

The media loves to make the general public obsess over tragedy. Of course, 90-95% of the viewers will still think these are isolated cases and won't panic. The other volatile 5-10% will panic and accelerate the market shift.

Anonymous said...

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