February 27, 2006

Anyone out there own a home, retiring soon and freaking out?


Anonymous said...

I am not worried at all. After the last California crash I lived in my car for a while. I don’t need allot. Also I came from a badly broken home so disappointment is the norm for me. The folks with big debit arent all wrong. Live for today , screw tomorrow

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't comment since you asked specifically for comments from owners...but I sold my home last summer, am living where I work, (I converted the top floor above my office) stashing cash, and watching it all unfold...I feel, in some ways, that I'm going to a win a lottery in about a year...when I'll retire and be able to buy a HOME (not an investment) with 2-3 times (maybe more!) the necessities/niceties that I would get if I bought now.
Just feeling a little like a smartypants!

cereal said...

yo keith,

i can wait this thing out as long as the next guy. i sold last fall and have the moolah tied up in cd's. my net rent in a prime west los angeles neighborhood is $650 after interest income is counted.

oops......the thread is directed towards fb's.


Alan Greenspend said...

Yet another person who shouldn't comment, having sold and put the money in gold stocks last spring. Wish my older brothers would have listened to me and followed suit. Two things though-

1. I think it will take at least 5-10 years to bottom out, unless we have a major depression type of crash.

2. As far as investments in CD's and cash, it might be riskier than you think. Read Bill Gross's current investment outlook for example-

Anonymous said...

I just bought a 1200 sqft house in sonoma county for $850,000 no down i/o neg am loan. I deliver pizzas and my wifa adjust peoples auras with a goose feather. We painted it purple and had our shaman bless it to rid it of the negative energy from the previous owners (the owner killed his family in their sleep). It needs a new roof and has a lot of dry rot and a redwood tree fell on part of it but thats not as bad as the deteriorating septic system. Were gonna sell this spring for 1.8 mil cause our realtor said it should go way up in value this spring when the buying frenzy starts.

Anonymous said...

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