November 05, 2005

Housing Panic!!!

Welcome to Housing Panic!!!

And panicking you should be... As we all know (and love or loathe), this baby is about to blow... Oh, wait, this baby is already blowing!


Anonymous said...

Sold out in 2003 and watched as the rocket kept going. As I sit in my rental I ponder what I will get in 1-2 years after the meltdown.
Realtors, not just mortgage companies and government, share responsibility for what is happening and will suffer the consequences for their greed. One "positive" of the twin "Bubbles" (Internet and Housing) might be an Internet enabled "self shop" reality market without the agents that add nothing and take 4-6% for bad/biased advice. Once folks "figure out" that a house is not "an investment", but first and formost a business/contractual transaction for land or property, lawyers could be very busy helping those interested in FSBO use the internet to their advantage. Realtors - like thier Hi Tech VC brethern deserve the "big burn".

keith said...

you're likely mad that you sold too early, but 12 months from now, you'll be glad you did

buffet's best saying is his best investment mistake is always selling too early

better than too late. And now, it's too late - the panic has started

Anonymous said...

I LOVE HP!!!!!!