December 21, 2005

Let the desperation begin - Centex offering $25,000 incentive in Phoenix

We predicted this a few weeks ago. Builders will want to protect their pricing (thus the median home price numbers) - and their trick to do this is incentives - free cars, cash, jacuzzis, pools, upgrades, dancing girls, whatever it'll take

Make no mistake, this is a desperate $25,000 cut in price - the first of many to unload inventory. Boy, can you imagine buying a few days ago in one of their developments, and NOT getting this offer?

Can you say homebuyer lawsuit? Can you say cancelled contracts?



veritas_faust said...

I liked the picture in their ad...the happy family, a well lit and warm albeit typical and boring tract home. A picture of a quaint. And the wrapped gift.

Its Christmas, buy a gift your family and the dog!

Or wait until the after Christmas sale and get it for 1/2 off.

Anonymous said...

In San Diego, condo conversions are still offering cars with a sale. One conversion in the La Jolla area has been offering Jetta's since September. They still have a couple of units left because I am still getting ads in the mail. Another condo conversion in Escondido is offering an Xterra.

Anonymous said...

Here is one sample of incentives in the DC market

Centex Homes
at Manassas Park Station

We will give you $50,000 worth of reasons
to buy a Centex Home!!

- 2 Car Garage Town Homes
- approximately 2,200 - 2,400 sq ft on 3 levels
-Upgrades Galore!!
- Walk to the Virginia Railway Express
- Model Now Open
- Some Homesites back to trees and/or golf course

*Incentive Prices - Starting from the Mid $400s*
(*ask sales Rep for Details about Incentives)

Call to Schedule your Appointment Today!!!
Siobhan Moon or Lien Nguyen
Community Sales Representatives
* Call for limited investment opportunities*

Anonymous said...

They've been cutting prices in the boonies outside Chicago for about three months now. Full page ads with homemodel price cuts...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Has the Housing Bubble popped? says "Yes!" A typical subdivision -- the Boca Country Club -- characterizes the area, and the problem.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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