July 14, 2020

Are RobinHood Day Traders the New Casey Serin? POP!

Watching this madness in the markets, as every day is up and up and up and up, while we have a global pandemic underway, rampant and chronic unemployment, many parts of the economy shut down or severely impacted, and a wave of bankruptcies and foreclosures coming, I had to come back and say, hey, wait, haven't we seen all of this before?

Two words:  Casey Serin

We've seen this all before.

Hat-tip to Slope of Hope, and hello to any HP'er who happens to stumble back on this little lost part of the internet.  And Casey, if you see this, godspeed.  You inspired a generation.



Anonymous said...

Hope you start posting again, your previous comments were insightful.

blogger said...

Bubbles are fun until they aren't.

Anonymous said...

Bamm!! And there you are Keith. Unbelievable how far we've come in 12 years. None of us could have ever predicted this shit storm we find ourselves in. Are you going to pick it back up and lead us on where you think this is all going? Report on what you see that the mainstream media will not say? Give us a place to share our thoughts again? It was epic on the first run all those years ago. Time went by too quick and now here we are. What say you Keith? Bring it back..

-Kevin S. Tampa, FL

Anonymous said...

Keith, just a follow-up comment, I followed your blog from the beginning back in 2005. It was like a habit I would check constantly throughout the day. I cannot believe it has been 12 years already. You did an awesome job with it I hated to see you close it down.

Are you thinking of bringing it back? 2005 was just practice. This is the event. Don't miss it!

p.s. if you do come back you should create a Twitter handle in conjunction so folks can dialogue with you/each other easier.

Guberville Smack said...

What took so long? Things not crazy enough for you yet?

You're still the best Keith! Every once in a while I have to come back here to read a random article and the comments. While observing the complete madness going on out there it gives me a sense of comfort to come on here and remind myself we have been through this before just a very short while ago. There are plenty of blogs/sites to choose from, but yours truly had an 'attitude problem'.

Nothing but wimps running internet sites these days. Every site has an 'agenda' and you immediately get banned as a 'troll' or for 'hate speech' if you aren't towing the line.

The DA said...

Time to document this epic fail...

JDF said...

We have had nothing but bubbles this last decade! Our economy only made it this far from the Fed blowing and sustaining bubbles!

JDF said...

And btw you totally need to start posting again!